Research Hospital

NARTC has a research hospital with 25 beds capacity for indoor patient department (IPD) and provides outdoor patient department (OPD) services. The main objective of the hospital isto provide evidence based medical care through ayurvedicsystem of medicine to the patients. It prioritizes clinical research along with patient care through its OPD, IPD, panchakarma therapy, ksharsutra, acupuncture, therapeutic yoga,physiotherapy,clinicalpathology,ultrasonography,X-ray,CTscan, EEG/ECG, endoscopy/colonoscopy and pharmacy. Special treatment facilities are available for anorectal disorders, cancers, rheumatology and endocrinology. Registration is free in the hospital forsenior citizens and patients who participate in intramural clinical research. Most of the medicines dispensed for intramural clinical research are manufactured in the pharmacy of NARTC and are provided for the patients free of cost. Health care services are 50 percent discount for the residents of Kirtipur Municipality and senior citizens.

Previous Research Activities

Medicinal Plant Research

  • Quality assessment, phytochemical screening and anti-microbial assay of medicinally important plants of Nepal

Epidemiological Research

  • The prevalence of anorectal disorders among residents of Kirtipur Municipality in Nepal
  • Assessment of covid-19 symptoms among residents of Kirtipur Municipality in Nepal

Ongoing Research Activities

  • A comparative study of TriGukuda and Metformin in Madhumeha (Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus)
  • Efficacy of Ayurvedic polyherbal formulation in Aamvata with reference to Rheumatoid Arthritis
Training Activities

NARTC has been conducting various traininigs for paramedics and Ayurveda physicians for skill development and capacity buiding in Ayurveda system of medicine since its establishment. The training programs conducted in FY 2075/76 are tabulated as follow: